Obama supporters play the race card

I want to respond to the column written by Leonard Pitts Jr. titled, "Race just one factor in tea party rage against Obama" (Feb. 28). I am offended by the argument that anyone who disagrees with President Obama's policies must be a racist. Playing the race card is a cheap attempt to marginalize the differing opinions on the issues.

Many conservatives also disagree with points of view stated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden, among many others. There are many conservatives who agree with President Obama on some issues but not others. I do agree with Mr. Pitts, however, that there are some racists within the group, but then there are also some racists who are Democrats, independents, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, and so on. Please don't judge the many by the few or take cheap shots to sidestep the issues.

Yvonne Golczewski, Forest Hill

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