Mega-payments to administrators saddle students with debt

I have to admire Martin Schreiber II for speaking out against the $410,000 payment to Karen Rothenberg, the former dean of the University of Maryland School of Law ("UM dean profited while students paid higher tuition," Readers respond, Feb. 23). Our grandson will graduate from the University of Richmond this spring and intends to attend law school. It is because of these outrageous payments to Ms. Rothenberg and others like her that students (as well as their parents) will be strapped for life paying off their student loans.

Our grandson has always been an honor student, a member of the Jepson Leadership School at Richmond, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, and although he has received a few small grants, his tuition this past year was over $45,000. It's people such as Larry Gibson, a faculty member of the University of Maryland School of Law, justifying these outrageous decisions who are making colleges more and more unaffordable for our kids and grandchildren.

K. Schultz, Ellicott City

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