State prosecutor should look into payments to dean

I find it amazing Larry Gibson, a member of the University of Maryland School of Law faculty, would approve of a payment of $410,000, made in a nefarious ways. Mr. Gibson, as a lawyer, is an officer of the court. How can he support Karen Rothenburg's $350,000 sabbatical payment when she didn't submit a plan or present a summation of that sabbatical as required within 15 days of her return? Another $60,000 paid to her is suspect. In 2008 the law school paid out $22.8 million in bonuses and other stipends. This seems to be a perfect case for State Prosecutor Robert Rohrbaugh's office. Maybe a state audit of all colleges could come up with a substantial amount of money to shrink the state's deficit.

R.A. Bacigalupa, Baltimore

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