What's wrong with Tebow's message?

Susan Reimer again showed her incredibly mean spirited perspective with her column regarding Tim Tebow and his ad regarding right to life ("Keep politics out of the Super Bowl," Feb. 1).

Public service announcements for United Way, anti-drug use, anti-smoking and more "family time" have been a staple of Super Bowl advertising for years. But Ms. Reimer becomes offended by someone's story that is a compelling reason for women to at least consider alternatives to abortion. And that someone happens to be arguably the best college football player ever. What better place to air such a story than when many families are together?

So what does Ms. Reimer do? She attacks the messenger, belittling Mr. Tebow because he may need to work on certain facets of his game in order to play professionally. Oh, yeah, and he paints references to Bible verses in his eye black. Is that supposed to make his story any less compelling? Is that supposed to make your argument any more logical?

I hope Ms. Reimer can still enjoy the game, as well as all of the ads, including the E-trade babies. When you see Mr. Tebow's commercial, here's a hint -- you can turn off the TV for one minute and have another slice of pizza.

I'll be watching it, and I'll also say a prayer for all of the women that are contemplating terminating unwanted pregnancies. I'll also say a prayer for Ms. Reimer.

Then I'll enjoy the rest of the game -- and cancel my subscription to The Sun.

Paul Wallace, Baltimore

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