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Here's a sampling of reader responses to President Obama's State of the Union address. Join the conversation at baltimore

As far back as 2003 Republicans insisted on MORE regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Democrats opposed it and did not let it happen. The most vocal opponent was Rep. Barney Frank. You can see it all on Youtube.

The housing bubble and toxic mortgage securities were only made possible by GOVERNMENT intervention - forcing the banks to give the mortgages to the people who could not afford them - and by the irresponsible Alan Greenspan and his followers' monetary policies flooding the market with cheap money.

This State of the Union address had an unprecedented amount of inaccuracies and outright lies. Another unprecedented and alarming thing about this State of the Union Address was Obama lecturing the Supreme Court. Does he even understand the concept of the separation of powers and ABSOLUTE independence of the Judicial branch? Ivan

Great speech......The Supreme Court? They had it coming.Ray Barcia

This recession may not have even happened had the Democrats listened to President Bush in 2003, Alan Greenspan in 2005 and Sen. McCain in 2006 and put regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Democrats blocked attempts to put regulation on them! For anyone to say the Democrats don't bear any responsibility is crazy! The Republicans also are guilty in that in the time the controlled Congress, they spent like drunk sailors! Tom

Our President needs our support now, no grandstanding, and the Democrats need to clean up their house of the backdoor deals so we can start compromising.Joseph

Things are NOT better now then they were a year ago. Unemployment is MUCH higher, the housing market is down, we're further in debt. Other nations have devalued our dollar, and no nations are willing to purchase our debt. Banks aren't loaning money. This is a really bad time.

People are depressed and angry - far more so then a year ago. In every measurable aspect, we are NOT better off now then we were a year ago. You can try to convince us that we are doing better now than a year ago, but the facts just don't speak to that point.Breeboo

Does anybody actually expect things to be better after only ONE year? Was the Depression fixed after ONE year?

If people are short sighted enough to demand an overnight fix to the last eight years of theft of taxpayer's money, they're going to be disappointed - which will benefit only those who stole our money in the first place. I'd rather be a "tax and spend" liberal than a "tax and steal" so-called conservative. X

People think President Obama is playing the blame game? How about the Raving Right that has spent the last 12 months basically accusing the president of hating America and willfully trying to destroy us all? If that isn't "blame," I don't know what is.

I understand the frustrations of everyone who wanted the president to fix the world in 365 days, but I do NOT understand how anyone could think that President Obama is an evil person bent on the destruction of this country.R.E.

Nothing but attacks and defense in these comments. Just like our politics. Not much hope for America if this is representative. Obama is an exceptional leader in extraordinary times but I wonder if we are still capable of being an exceptional people.Mark

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