Steele is no Mathias

It was quite a juxtaposition to see the articles on Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and the late Sen. Charles "Mac" Mathias on the front page on the same day ("Despite many GOP criticisms, Steele's secure in his RNC job" and " Md. senator was GOP 'maverick' Charles McC. Mathias Jr.: 1922-2010," Jan. 26).

Mr. Steele is a shrill partisan whose goal is to attack every proposal from the Democrats with antagonistic screed, fueled by a desire to tear down the opposition. Senator Mathias, on the other hand, had an outstanding career as a moderate, who, through the power of persuasive discussion and debate, tried to move the country ahead in a bipartisan and calm way.

It is no wonder that the late Senator Mathias was accepted and beloved by Marylanders of all parties, and was re-elected to represent us, while Mr. Steele has no chance in a statewide election here.

Irwin Weiss, Baltimore

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