Why are Republicans still blind to Bush's faults?

I read with amusement both letters from Carlnk1 and Susan Scott of Forest Hill that ran alongside The Sun's editorial on Sunday ("One year of Obama," Jan. 24.). In Carlhk1's letter, everything he complained about -- deficits, job losses, violations of the Constitution -- all happened under President Bush, but I know from talking to Republicans that they cannot find any fault in him, yet I can find fault in President Obama. Why is it that Republicans are blinded, but Democrats can see both the good and bad in people? President Obama is trying to clean up a mess given to him, and it's not going to happen overnight, folks.

If Ms. Scott would have listened to the news or bothered to read up on the subject, she would know that one of the main reasons Massachusetts' Senate race was won by a Republican was because Democratic candidate thought that she had it in the bag and didn't campaign enough. As for Barbara Mikulski, no worries hon, Maryland is still a democratic state!

Joseph Kortash, Catonsville

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