Airline security overseas is inadequate

Baltimore Sun

I recently returned from a trip to England and thought the screening procedure at Heathrow Airport was very inadequate. I was not only disgusted with their complacency, but very concerned about my safety. The screeners paid no attention to the passengers, no one took their shoes off, and I couldn't believe how lax it all appeared. In fact, the screeners were more involved with each other than with screening the passengers. (I suppose they think that a bomber will be so exhausted after the mile and a half walk to the gate that he wouldn't have the energy to set off a bomb.)

No matter how vigilante we are, if the rest of the world is like Heathrow, I am not surprised that this poor excuse for a human being got through. That is no excuse, however, for the fact that this person got a visa to the U.S. It does make you wonder who's in charge there and who they are hiring. If a warning by a father is missed, what else are they missing? And if the people who are empowered to protect us by examining requests to enter the U.S. are failing to live up to their responsibilities, all the wars fought overseas are moot.M Hadley

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