Trial gives platform to anti-American hatred

Baltimore Sun

I wonder if President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have given any thought to the costs, both emotional and financial, of providing terrorist "suspect" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a stage on which to spew his hatred for American infidels (that's us, folks!) and brag about his successfully masterminded attack on our soil on Sept. 11, 2001?

Do all the victims' families feel as eager to provide him a forum for his evil diatribe? This trial will be watched around the world.

And what of the cost of providing the vast amount of security for everyone involved: judge, jury, families, the prisoner himself and those would be witnesses?

Add to that the danger to New York City itself. I have already seen on CNN radical Muslims preaching and handing out inciteful information on a New York street corner. There was no attempt to be evasive. Their doctrine was shouted directly into the proffered CNN microphone.

Finally, if our intention is to gain favorable world opinion, I would rather we show them a strong, decisive president who would prioritize, study and evaluate our need for more troops in Afghanistan in far less than three months, while our volunteer troops wait, fight and die.Phyllis Gemmell, Baltimore

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