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What Snowden revealed is what's shocking [Letter]

Let history decide whether Edward Snowden is a hero or traitor ("Snowden speaks," May 30). After reading "No Place to Hide" by Glenn Greenwald, that question is moot. I was shocked by what the book revealed.

Whether the information Mr. Snowden provided is true or not, we need to know. Believing our government is creating a data base of my phone calls, my emails, my postings on Facebook, my comments on Twitter (if I made any) and my communication through Skype is horrific. It is vital to find out if what Mr. Snowden leaked is, indeed, fact.

So far, I don't see how any of this did "serious damage to the nation's security." However, it certainly damages our faith in the right to privacy and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Regarding the idea Mr. Snowden "must be willing to suffer the consequences" of his whistle-blowing, that's naïve. Mr. Greenwald makes it clear the consequence would have been death.

No wonder Edward Snowden fled. I have no idea if book is accurate or if Mr. Snowden is telling the truth, but if the revelations are genuine, God help America!

R. N. Ellis, Baltimore

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