The tank is empty

The tank is empty.

Erin Henson, Director of Public Affairs for the Maryland Department of Transportation, wrote me, "Once we identify the transit improvements we all want to move forward, and then we will identify the additional resources needed to make them happen."


All of the state dollars that would have been used for the Red Line have been diverted to other transportation projects.

What are the potential "additional resources needed" to make those transit improvements? Another gas tax increase? A restoration of the tolls that were just reduced?


I don't think so. My Republican colleagues have signed an anti-tax pledge.

We can differ about the Red Line. We can differ about how many tax dollars should be spent on roads or on mass transit.

But public officials should level with each other and more importantly, with the public.

The Hogan Administration should acknowledge that when it comes to transit improvements for metropolitan Baltimore, the tank is empty.

Del. Sandy Rosenberg

The writer, a Democrat, represents District 41, Baltimore City, in the Maryland House of Delegates.