Pushy pro-lifers [Letter]

Letter writer Mary Catalfamo claims that Planned Parenthood denies any pregnant women immediate, free access to the full spectrum of information and counseling ("Supreme Court decisions won't limit women's rights," July 9).

It's hard for me to believe she hasn't researched Planned Parenthood's many guidance programs. One can find a lot of information just by searching on the Internet under Planned Parenthood. They have trained teachers who can guide anyone through each phase of pregnancy and beyond the birth of their baby. They also help couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant.


I'm curious about Ms. Catalfamo's "friends and neighbors" standing on the curb yelling at people heading into an abortion clinic. What is the name of her group? Does it have a location I'd be able to visit? Is she the official spokesperson for the group?

How someone perceives themselves may not be the way others perceive them. Ms. Catalfamo may want to be seen as a thoughtful, kindly pro-lifer offering "immediate, free access to the full spectrum of information counseling."


That may not be so, but I'm pretty sure anyone entering an abortion clinic and experiencing the actions of pro-lifers standing on the street would see them as harassing and condemning pregnant women. There is so much Ms. Catalfamo's group could do for humanity without pushing its ideals on other people.

Kathleen Spivak, Frederick


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