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Self-styled patriots silent on N. Korea threats

Where's the NRA when you need it?

Sony Pictures Entertainment has canceled the release of its satiric film, "The Interview," as a result of major U.S. movie chains' refusal to screen it because of terrorist threats from North Korea.

However, I do not see Clive Bundy and his militia groupies or Wayne LaPierre and the NRA stepping up to offer their services as voluntary, armed security personnel for the threatened theaters.

Why not? Perhaps because the issue here is genuine, star-spangled patriotism rather than self-serving partisan posturing.

Such groups and their talk show sock puppets love to mouth off about Second Amendment rights and gun-toting privileges but disappear when it comes to communal responsibilities and civic obligations.

Lots of boastful talk but zero action when it comes to red-white-and-blue crunch time.

Is their non-performance due to the fact that it is "liberal" Hollywood that is the primary victim in all this? Surely if any organization can relate to — and therefore knows how to counter — the bullying mindset of the autocratic Kim regime it is the autocratic NRA and its various paramilitary militia supporters.

M. D. Atrash, College Park

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