Most of the talking head shows have had some coverage of the immigration crisis, but they all talked from their political perspective and very few referred to any facts. I would like to surface some facts.

Both parties are responsible for this crisis. It is very serious. It could bring about the end of the United States as we know it today. There are real dangers in what is happening for the people attempting to enter our country illegally, for our citizens and for the country itself.


It is obvious that most of those who want to come here are not illegally entering to become citizens, but to get some immediate gifts from the U.S. government. Many are coming to join other undocumented immigrants who are already here. Many are being used to bring drugs here, to cover a rush of gang members and to allow those who would seek the return to Mexico of the territory lost through wars. There is as much evil intention going on here as there is a humanitarian crisis.

There are other places in the world where there are also deadly humanitarian crisis going on right now. These people cannot sneak across our border. This is a justice issue that the administration does not want to surface. They want to paint this crisis only in terms of those illegally crossing our borders. Radicals like our governor want to paint those who oppose this flood of illegals as being unfeeling, ugly Americans. In doing so they are denying or lying about the real dangers to our citizens and our country.

All countries have the right to determine who and how many immigrants they will take at any moment for an organized track to citizenship. To not do this is to open up their citizens to very real dangers. Besides the drugs, the gang members, the Mexican nationalists, and the terrorists who are taking advantage of this flood of people, there is a real threat of disease and a real attack on our ability to face all our problems.

America's resources are not unlimited. If this flood means hundreds of billions of dollars go to it, that means money does not go for health care for citizens, infrastructure does not get fixed, drug counseling rehab does not happen, federal money for crime prevention does not go to our cities, disaster relief does not happen, national parks are not funded, national defense is lessened and our service men and women are not given what they need.

Since this crisis is a real danger, I challenge all those of good heart who truly want to help the innocents being used by the bad guys while weeding out the threats, to take in one, two or three of these people into their homes. They can help the innocents and keep an eye on those threatening us with evil. How many does our governor want? How many does the House speaker want? How many does the president want?

Michael Buttner, Bel Air


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