Democrats have run the economy (and everything else) into the ground

Was John Hanger's recent commentary supposed be run on April's Fools Day instead of Halloween ("Democrats run the economy better," Oct. 30). Surely his supposed reasoning on the subject of why Democrats run the economy better than Republicans was with tongue in cheek.

His claim of Democrats superior economic performance is laughable just by looking at Jimmy Carter's and Barack Obama's years in office. His claims of better education under Democratic leadership are pure fallacy considering that Democrats, who have controlled America's major cities for more than 50 years, have run public education in the ground.


Democrats don't support or back the private businesses that are the real job creators. Instead, they support more taxes on business, which destroy the incentives for business to expand and create more jobs.

Democrats support big government, the welfare system and entitlements that have expanded under the current administration to astronomical proportions.


Welfare wasn't supposed to be a way of life but rather a temporary helping hand while the recipients were securing gainful employment. In the last six years government has grown more than 25 percent under the current administration and the temporary assistance of welfare programs have become permanent entitlements.

Democrats today look to reduce Social Security and veterans' benefits while looking to increase welfare and entitlement benefits to those they see as their future political base.

To quote economist Thomas Sowell, Democrats "assume that if you don't believe in their political solutions then you don't care about the people they claim to want to help."

Democrats like Mr. Hanger are all about the wrong solutions.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson