Dirt bike report glamorized lawbreakers

Dirt bike riders are a public menace.

I am responding to your front-page article about dirt bikes in Baltimore ("In popular – but illegal – Baltimore dirt bike scene, female rider makes waves," Nov. 7).

I find it irresponsible and shameful that your paper presents this illegal and dangerous activity as being beneficial to those unfortunate enough to be involved. The manner in which your reporting promotes dirt bike use on public streets as a way to gain fame and possible financial rewards adds to the problem.

You state this activity is illegal but then seem to suggest it may be permissible as emotionally healing for the young female rider. If everyone were allowed to ignore the laws based on our personal feelings, what a chaotic and lawless society we would have.

Your announcing that videos and other social media outlets are carrying the rider's exploits to international attention only encourages the activity. You appear to be to be promoting her sale of T-shirts.

Your article leads our youth in the wrong direction and should be rescinded with an apology to the police force and law-abiding citizens.

Robert J. Mayes

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