Curran has been MIA from community meetings for years

Residents need more from their City Council representatives than the occasional speed bump installed and bulk

As a long-time resident and member of the Beverly Hills Improvement Association — and with all due respect to former BHIA president Mimi Kelly — I don't understand how she or anyone else can defend our lack of representation on the Baltimore City Council by Third District Councilman Robert Curran ("Baltimore's City Council members often miss votes," April 4).

Simply by reading the comments on the Neighborhoods of Greater Lauraville list-serv one can see how Ms. Kelly's views do not represent the consensus of her community association or the ones around it.

At present, the communities are struggling to raise funds to oppose a project that Mr. Curran supported — without consulting those communities — for a 16-pump mega gas station and convenience store at the corner of Harford Road and Glenmore Avenue.

This monstrosity would be located opposite the Hamilton Branch library, just a block from an elementary-middle school and at an intersection that already requires pedestrians to cross in fear for their lives.

Mr. Curran has been AWOL from community association meetings for years. Community residents require more than an occasional speed bump installed and periodic community bulk trash collections.

Mr. Curran, council members Helen Holton, Nick Mosby and far too many others on the City Council are a symptom of Baltimore's major ills: The lack of an overall vision for the city and an inability to think of new long-term solutions for its problems that involve citizens in the process of change. City residents deserve better.

Linda K. Brown, Baltimore

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