I am outraged at the assertions made by Tom Coughlin of Comcast in his letter to The Sun ("Comcast provides competitive services in Baltimore," July 9). His claims that Comcast operates in a highly competitive market are laughable. Comcast is our only realistic option, and if any one dares to opt out of any of Comcast's services, he/she will see the price for the other services go up. Yes — drop one service in an effort to lower your bill and instead you end up paying more. It is a nasty game that is played out every single time a Comcast promotion ends or a new service is introduced.

Isn't it interesting that Mr. Coughlin makes no claims about the company's commitment to treating customers well? Last fall, our Comcast Internet did not work consistently for over 10 weeks. Ten weeks. I spoke with more people than I can remember, encountered only one professional and responsible tech among the five that visited my home, and spent way too much time working from Panera and Starbucks instead of my home office. The resolution was one month of Internet fees credited to my account.


It's easy to complain without offering a solution, so here's what I want from Comcast:

1. Provide reliable, high-speed Internet at the fastest speeds available. We don't need a variety of speeds. We need the fastest.

2. Provide reliable, high-quality cable TV service.

3. Motivate your customer service team to problem-solve and serve customers.

4. Offer bundled services that people want and will use. I promise you I don't miss my land line, so don't ask me to add one.

5. Offer fair prices that don't expire in six or 12 months.

6. Charge us more when you actually accomplish these things. I dare you.

Caitrin M. Huntzinger, Canton


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