Sun commentators are blind to conservatism's virtues

It seems Easter was a field day for attacking Dr. Ben Carson for his conservative views ("Ben Carson's biblically based conservatism," March 31.)

Columnist Dan Rodricks claimed he was not surprised by Dr. Carson's equating gays with pedophiles and people who have sex with animals. Mr. Rodricks then delved into a 2008 radio interview for more dirt to support his critique of Dr. Carson's conservatism, showing how Dr. Carson used the Bible to support such things as corporal punishment by parents and as justification of a flat tax.


Well perhaps more people need to be seeking answers in the Bible or in their faith. I don't believe that these are "antiquated beliefs," as Mr. Rodricks calls them. They are tried and true, long-standing tenets of society.

That's not to say that there can't be civil unions. But they shouldn't be put in the same category as the rite of marriage. As for corporal punishment, there are times when it is justified, as most parents would probably confess.


And maybe a flat tax isn't such a bad idea either, at least if it gets rich people to pay their fair share. Many rich people pay a smaller percentage on their income in taxes than the average taxpayer either because their income from investments is taxed at a lower rate or because they hide their money in overseas accounts.

Maybe Dr. Carson is right that the rich should not have to pay more than others, but they should at least pay the same percentage. Also, the rich should ask themselves whether they have a responsibility to give back more to society. I have a lot of respect for the philanthropy of people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

I also have a lot of respect for Dr. Carson and all that he has accomplished, however. And I don't have much respect for the liberal Sun columnists like Mr. Rodricks and TV critic David Zurawik, whose journalistic skills have been carefully honed to be acceptable to a politically correct world view, and who seem anxious to tear down those who stand up for traditional values.

The fact that both Mr. Rodricks and Mr. Zurawik have a regular platform in which to express their opinions doesn't make those opinions right.

James Millford, Pasadena