Re: UM's move to the Big Ten, whatever happened to loyalty and integrity?

I read with interest Jim Rosapepe's commentary on why Maryland should join the Big Ten athletic conference ("UM to Big 10: good move?" Nov. 28). Curiously, one of his arguments was based on a previous academic partnership with Columbia and Penn.

These are both Ivy League schools, so why doesn't Mr. Rosapepe advocate Maryland joining the Ivy League?


Another of his arguments made had to do with the building of the Metro Purple Line, which has nothing to do with the Big Ten.

Mr. Rosapepe appears to be guilty of doing what many people without a truly cogent argument do: Prattle on about unrelated ancillary situations and projects instead of focusing on the much more basic concept of what Maryland represents and what we should be teaching students about "loyalty" and "integrity."


Maryland has been a charter member of the ACC for almost six decades. And yet Maryland shows a total lack of loyalty by suddenly and secretly deciding to bolt to another conference for the dubious promise of a few extra dollars.

And in the process, Maryland is showing a total lack of integrity by trying to weasel out of the clearly established exit fee and is apparently going to force the ACC to sue them in order to get full payment.

Is that really the message we should be sending to all of the students at the University of Maryland?

Iver Mindel, Cockeysville