I appreciate the flattering article that my friend, Duncan Hunter Sr., had published in The Sun on Tuesday ("Helen Bentley is still tough and kind today," Nov. 26). However, there are a couple of facts I would like to straighten out.

In the discussion with President Ronald Reagan that Mr. Hunter recounted, I was pushing for all blue collar workers, not just maritime workers.


In the discussion with Admiral William Crowe, chief of naval operations, who presented to the entire House of Representatives about the Soviet might (the Cold War was on) as a pitch for us to vote for the defense bill, I piped up and questioned why there was no discussion of the manufacturing base, pointing out that the Soviet Union after World War II had credited the allies victory to the USA's manufacturing ability.

Admiral Crowe responded that the U.S. no longer had the manufacturing capability.

I responded that "I know because I'm losing a shoe factory in my district (Bata Shoe) because the military is buying its boots from Korea."

Admiral Crowe responded, "They're cheaper over there." And I retorted, "Navy admirals also are cheaper over there."

It brought down the entire House of Representatives. What has always bothered me is that so very few people connect all the dots in order to see the entire result.

Helen Bentley, Timonium

The writer is a former congresswoman from Maryland's 2nd District.


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