The Sun endorses Hillary Clinton for president. But don't take our word for it.

Is anyone picking Trump or Clinton based on policy issues? If so, here's where they stand.

Who's ready to succeed Barbara Mikulski? It's no contest: Chris Van Hollen.

Wondering what the heck Question 1 is (and should you vote for it)? Here's your answer.

It's not 'legislative micromanagement' to require the executive to hear from the people whose tax dollars he's about to spend.

Baltimore City voters will decide on several bond issues and charter amendments on November's ballot. The Sun makes the following recommendations.

A decennial review of the Baltimore County charter is a good idea.

How should you vote on Balto. Co. Question K? It doesn't really matter.

Howard County's Question A would bring much-needed campaign finance reform to a jurisdiction facing major land use decisions

Howard County's Question B would provide some useful flexibility in the budget process.