Forecasters predict a mild, not-so-snowy winter for Maryland

Forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center in College Park are calling for potentially mild and not very snowy conditions this winter in the mid-Atlantic.

They expect La Niña, a climate pattern that is opposite of El Niño, to develop. Many of Baltimore’s mildest and least-snowy winters came during La Niña conditions.

The pattern suggests above-average temperatures and drier-than-normal conditions will dominate across the southern United States and up and down the East Coast.

Still, Marylanders should be prepared for some snow and cold.

Climate forecasts are significantly less precise and reliable than short-term weather predictions, and simply give a bird’s-eye view of what weather patterns might be dominant in a coming season.

The climate center’s forecast is specifically calling for up to 40 percent chances of above-normal temperatures — which means 30 percent chances of normal temperatures and 30 percent chances of below-normal temperatures. And it predicts equal chances of above-normal, normal or below-normal precipitation, or 33 percent odds of each.

“Winter is coming,” Mike Halpert, the center’s deputy director said. “Be prepared for typical winter hazards.”

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