Baltimore's earliest sunrise of the year comes Thursday

Baltimore’s earliest sunrise of the year, by a matter of seconds, comes Thursday.

Sunrises have been arriving at 5:39 a.m. since Friday, and will continue coming that early until the summer solstice June 21. Thursday’s is the earliest.

The latest sunsets, on the other hand, come after the solstice, at 8:37 p.m. around June 27-28.

The earliest sunrises and latest sunsets don’t come on the solstice because the “solar clock” varies and doesn’t align perfectly with human timekeeping. The length of a solar day, measured by the time between the sun’s passage of any particular point in the sky, is rarely 24 hours precisely.

There will be 14 hours, 55 minutes of daylight Thursday, with 1 minute, 18 seconds more light to gain by the “longest” day of the year, on the solstice.

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