Sandy retired from list of hurricane names; replaced with Sara

Sandy is the 77th name to be retired from the World Meteorological Organization's Atlantic hurricane season lists, joining memorable storms to hit Maryland like Irene, Isabel, Gloria and Agnes.

Sara will replace it on a list that will next come into use in 2018. The WMO maintains six sets of lists that it rotates through.

The organization chooses to change the names on the lists only when a storm is so deadly or costly that reusing its name would be inappropriate or insensitive, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Sandy was the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history at $50 billion, behind Katrina, according to the hurricane center. The storm is blamed for 147 deaths, 72 of them in the U.S. It also devastated Jamaica and Cuba.

The storm was blamed for two deaths in Maryland. The state saw the storm's heaviest rainfall measured in the U.S., with nearly 13 inches in the Eastern Shore town of Bellevue.

Sandy was particularly damaging in New Jersey and New York because it "merged with a frontal system hours before making landfall as a post-tropical cyclone near Brigantine, N.J., and its size and strength caused catastrophic damage all along the mid-Atlantic shoreline," according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration release.

Sandy caused the worst flooding Ocean City had seen since Hurricane Gloria in 1985, but its damage was mostly cleaned up within a few days there.

Some names on this year's list, which goes from Andrea to Wendy, could become familiar if one early forecast comes to pass. Colorado State University's Tropical Meteorology Project is forecasting an active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season.

To view the full list of retired storm names, both by year and alphabetically by name, visit the hurricane center's storm naming history page. Find the rotating lists of storm names here.

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