Partial solar eclipse captured over Baltimore

A partial solar eclipse occurred early Sunday morning, most visible over the Atlantic and Africa, but some local photographers captured a brief appearance over Baltimore.

Baltimore County residents Tyler Tate and Bryan Bradford observed the sunrise from the roof of the Wyndham Peabody Court Hotel in Mount Vernon, inspired by an iconic set of shots by Baltimore Sun photographer Aubrey Bodine.

Tate explains:

"The image is actually composed of two photographs:  the first is an unfiltered snapshot of Mount Vernon Place and beyond, taken seconds before sunrise.  Next, we used a Hoya NDX400 filter on so that we could capture a clear snapshot of the eclipsed sun during sunrise itself, at about 6:37 AM +/-.  The two photographs were stacked in photoshop.  The camera was a Canon Digital Rebel T3i.  (The NDX400 was sufficient for photograph use but should never be used to observe the sun directly).

This observing project was inspired by A. Aubrey Bodine's iconic photographic sequence of the July 9, 1945 partial solar eclipse, as seen from Mount Vernon Place.  We believe that we may have stood close to the very same spot that Bodine did when he captured his original photographic sequence, which was pointed further towards the north, due to the fact that the sun rises in a different place in July."

View Bodine's photos, including the eclipse image that inspired Tate and Bradford, in a photo gallery here.

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