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Massive snow pile still melting away in South Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun
A final reminder of winter is still melting away in a south Baltimore parking lot.

A final reminder of winter is still melting away in a parking lot in southern Baltimore.

Large, blackened piles left over from a historic storm in January were dripping furiously over Memorial Day weekend. They are in the 2200 block of Kloman Street in Westport.

City transportation crews hauled them there after a record-breaking 29.2 inches of snow fell on the region in late January. There was so much snow, officials feared that parking lots near Oriole Park at Camden Yards wouldn't be clear by Opening Day two months later.

The city even got permission from the state to dump snow into the harbor if needed, but were able to use sites around the city instead -- like the one on Kloman Street -- transportation department spokeswoman Kathy Dominick said.

Aside from the dirt and grime covering the once-white pile, there are also shoes, cans and trash bags strewn across it. 

"If there’s a clean-up that needs to be done, we will take care of that," Dominick said. "That area is one of the areas where we were dumping snow during the record-breaking storm."

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