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Full lunar eclipse could bring 'Blood Moon' next week

A full lunar eclipse will occur early Tuesday morning, darkening the full moon and possibly tinting it a reddish hue that causes some to call it a "Blood Moon".

For nearly an hour and a half, the moon will be dimmed and possibly appearing a copper color because of sunlight bent by the atmosphere. The total eclipse begins around 3 a.m. and ends around 4:30 a.m., with the moon at its dimmest at 3:46 a.m.

The eclipse will be visible across the Americas as well as throughout the Pacific.

It is the first of three eclipses that will be visible here in 2014. Another full lunar eclipse will occur Oct. 8, and the beginning of a partial solar eclipse can be seen from here on Oct. 23.

Whether the moon appears in an orange or reddish hue or if it just appears dimmed depends on particles and clouds in the sky, much like sunrises and sunsets.

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