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No snow, but severe storms, winds possible Wednesday before cold returns

Instead of wintry precipitation, Maryland could see severe storms Wednesday as a potent weather system moves across the country.

Storms were expected to develop as a strong cold front moves across the country, meeting relatively mild and moist air building over the region Tuesday and early Wednesday. Highs could reach the upper 60s by late Wednesday afternoon before the front moves through.

A chance of storms was expected between midday and early evening, according to the National Weather Service. The weather service's Storm Prediction Center includes the state in an area across the mid-Atlantic with elevated chances for severe weather, including the potential for tornadoes.

Snow was meanwhile expected to our west, north and east -- predicts 1-3 inches of snow across West Virginia and southern Ohio, 3-6 inches across western Pennsylvania and possibly more than a foot in northern New England by Wednesday night.

In Baltimore, rainfall was not expected to be heavy, with about a quarter of an inch possible, according to the weather service.

Winds were meanwhile likely to be severe, with sustained winds of 20-30 mph and gusts up to 40 mph by Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

And the swing from warm, moist air to frigid and dry was expected to be dramatic. Temperatures could swing from the upper 60s early Wednesday evening to the upper 20s by early Thursday morning, within 12 hours.

Humidity could meanwhile drop even more sharply, with dew points falling from the mid-50s Wednesday afternoon to a few degrees below zero 24 hours later.

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