Tropics quiet again with two months remaining in hurricane season

The tropics are quiet again, as a system that threatened to strengthen on Mexico’s Gulf coast lost organization Monday.

The system had high chances of forming into a tropical cyclone as of last week, but the likelihood faded. The National Hurricane Center does not expect any tropical cyclones to form within the next several days, according to forecasts.

As we await a possible Tropical Storm Jerry, note that we were already on the letter N at this time last year, with Hurricane Nadine on its way to becoming the fourth-longest-lived Atlantic hurricane on record.

But we are still ahead of average pace in Atlantic tropical cyclone climatology. The eighth named storm, bearing a name starting with the letter H, typically forms by Sept. 24, while Tropical Storm (later Hurricane) Humberto formed Sept. 8.

The Atlantic has typically seen four hurricanes by this point in the year, however, twice as many as have been recorded so far this season.

There are still just more than two months left in the hurricane season to catch up, or fall further behind.

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