Spot side-by-side Saturn and Venus at dusk this week

Venus and Saturn will be dancing together on the western horizon this week at dusk, getting so close they will be visible together in the same field of view when looking through binoculars, according to

The planets are visible at nightfall but not much later than that, setting at early evening. Both appear as bright stars, with Venus the brighter of the two by a factor of about 80, according to EarthSky.

They will be within 3 1/2 degrees of each other Wednesday and Thursday, according to Sky & Telescope. They may appear blurry when looking through a telescope because of the thick atmosphere, but their stark difference in brightness will still be apparent.

Venus is 13 times closer to the sun than Saturn.

Later this week, the full moon will illuminate the sky. It will pass through the dim constellation Pisces, according to Sky & Telescope.

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