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70 years ago, a snowstorm took Baltimore by surprise

Tomorrow marks 70 years since the historic “Palm Sunday Storm” that dropped a surprise 21.9 inches of wet snow on Baltimore.

The storm was truly “freak,” observers said, with forecasts calling for light rain and snow flurries to the west. A steady snow from 2 a.m. Sunday through 9 p.m. that evening dropped three feet in Carroll County. The snow was called “wet and clinging,” leaving thousands of cars abandoned, phone and power lines snapped and buildings collapsed.

Power outages were reported in Towson and other parts of Baltimore County, and bus ridership spiked with few able to dig out their cars.

"In most cases, motorists could not even leave their garages or the curbs where their cars were parked. Housewives in some sections found it difficult to open their front doors. It was the most 'stay-at-home' Sunday in years," The Sun reported at the time.

But the snow melted quickly, providing much-needed replenishment of local reservoirs.

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