Record heat continues everywhere but here

A major swath of the eastern U.S. continues to rack up all-time records for mid-March heat, but not Maryland and other parts of the Piedmont Plateau.

Despite a stretch of 80-degree weather last week, the Baltimore region came within a few degrees of missing records. Washington airports, meanwhile, narrowly set new marks. More temperatures approaching 80 are on the way, but records in the low to mid-80s are unlikely to be threatened.

Seventy cities from Minnesota to Maine to Florida are expected to surpass or flirt with temperature records Wednesday, according to the Weather Channel.

In Baltimore, temperatures are expected to creep up from the low 70s today to the upper 70s by Friday, with lows in the mid 50s. For a record, highs would have to reach the mid-80s and lows the mid-60s.

AccuWeather meteorologist Henry Margusity theorized the warm-weather patterns across the eastern U.S., as well as cold spells in the northwest, could be attributed to a field of debris floating in the Pacific warming ocean temperatures. After the month we've had, some people are probably ready to believe anything.

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