Tree pollen reaches high levels, stays there

Tree pollen levels have reached high levels as spring weather dominates March so far. 

While allergy sufferers typically aren’t uncomfortable until March, Dr. Alvin Sanico, medical director at Greater Baltimore Medical Center’s allergy center, said he began seeing an influx of patients in late February.

High levels have been reported for the past week, after starting to creep up as March began. Tree pollen is being reported across the south and southeast, with some of the worst of it in Florida.

If warm, dry, windy weather persists, the allergy season could get more intense, Sanico said. That would add to the suffering of an earlier-than-usual start to the season.

Some tips Sanico offers to allergy sufferers:

  • Avoid pollen by keeping the windows closed
  • Shower and wash clothes thoroughly after exposure to pollen
  • Wash pets that are exposed to pollen -- allergens pets bring in the house are often mistaken as pet dander allergies
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