2018 is officially one of Baltimore's top 10 wettest years

There is still more than a quarter of 2018 to go, but the year already ranks as one of Baltimore’s top 10 wettest on record.

About half an inch of rain that fell Wednesday pushed the year-to-date rainfall total to about 53½ inches. That is slightly more than the 53.33 inches that fell in 1971, previously the region’s 10th-wettest year in the record books.

Baltimore’s normal annual rainfall is about 42 inches.

This year is already sure to be Baltimore’s wettest since 2011, which ranks sixth among the region’s most rainy years, with 56.52 inches.

With three months left in 2018, that total is likely to be surpassed.

That means this year will be either Baltimore’s wettest since 2003, or its wettest ever. A record 62.66 inches of precipitation fell that year.

More rain is forecast to add to the total Thursday afternoon and night, into Friday morning. Then, dry conditions are expected for the weekend.



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