On the bright side: A rainy summer filled Baltimore-area reservoirs with drinking water

Excessive rainfall during the last few months may have dampened summer spirits in the Baltimore area, but it also left the region’s reservoirs nearly overflowing.

Three reservoirs in the Baltimore area are brimming with more than 75 billion gallons of drinking water — 99 percent of their total capacity, the Baltimore City Department of Public Works said.

Both Liberty Reservoir, on the border of Baltimore and Carroll counties, and Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County are 100 percent full, with 36.8 billion gallons and 21.2 billion gallons stored, respectively. Prettyboy Reservoir Baltimore County contains 17.48 billion gallons, 98 percent of its capacity.

The three reservoirs provide Baltimore’s drinking water, and are replenished by rainfall and snow melt. Full reservoirs mean that the city won’t have to pull water from the Susquehanna River to supplement residents’ drinking supply.

The public works department expects the water supply to last at least through the fall, winter and spring.



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