Filmmaker Ridley Scott designs launch patch for CASIS missions

The acclaimed director of space-based science fiction films like “Alien,” “Blade Runner” and “The Martian” has put his touches on a mission patch for a research lab that does work for NASA.

Ridley Scott, who received an Academy Award nomination in 2016 for “The Martian,” created a patch that will represent Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, or CASIS, payloads intended for the International Space Station this year.

CASIS helps NASA manage research done through the U.S. National Laboratory on the ISS, which provides low-gravity environments that allow for tests at prime neutral conditions.

The patch depicts a female astronaut in full gear, floating in space, looking toward the space station.

In a release, Scott said the helmet was meant to invoke the image of a halo, “a subliminal suggestion of a saint.”

“I can feel these scientists and they are so passionate about what they do,” Scott said.

The next cargo load that will carry research to the International Space Station is planned to take off aboard a SpaceX rocket from the Space Coast on June 29.

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