Drone video shows Amazon tribe that's never been seen by the outside world

A drone located at the border of Brazil and Peru captured video of an Amazonian tribe that has never been seen by the outside world.

The video — released this week by the National Indian Foundation — shows two men walking in the woods of the Vale do Javari, located on the west of Brazil in the State of Amazonas.

“This is the third ground-based monitoring expedition of the isolated Indians in less than a year in this region," the Foundation wrote in the statement.

The expedition, called "Monitoring the Presence of Isolated Indians in the Rio Juruazinho," ran from July 16 to Aug. 1 of last year.

The Foundation worked with the local police as well as with the indigenous Kanamari, “who occupy both indigenous lands, and are deep knowers of this region,” according to the statement.

Along with the video, the Foundation released photos of an ax tied with vegetable fiber, two canoes made with palm trees and a horn made of bark.

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