Fox in Focus:

A photographer's look back at Kevin Kamenetz's career

Lloyd Fox
The Baltimore Sun

Like most people, the death of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz took me by surprise. I had never had any personal dealings with Mr. Kamenetz; it was always work related. He was always on one side of the camera and I on the other.

After hearing the news, I began playing back the many times I photographed him in the community over the years. From the time he celebrated the Baltimore County Olympians to the opening of the Museum of Negro League Baseball in Owings Mills, I was there.

I was also there when he talked about the sale of the Sparrows Point Steel Mill property and when he announced his candidacy for governor.

One time, a reporter and I were interviewing him in his office regarding plans for his second term. To compose what I thought to be a nice candid photo of him, I laid on the ground and tucked behind a chair in his office.

He lost sight of me, but he could hear the clicking of the camera. He started looking around the room to figure out where I was and when found me, he just smiled.

My last assignment to photograph him was his funeral and it was my last chance to celebrate his life through my lens.

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