Fox in Focus:

Outtakes from the Beach Guide cover shoot

Lloyd Fox
The Baltimore Sun

This year’s Beach Guide cover shoot provided a new challenge.

Last year, the cover was shot on location at Sandy Point State Park. We had water, sand, a model and all day to shoot. The only thing we did not have was good weather. We spent most of the day shooting in a cold, driving rain and keeping the model warm between shoots was a must.

This year‘s cover was shot in the studio. No wind, no rain, no cold weather, just a three-year-old: Everly.

Having a child model is fun and challenging at the same time. You never know what might happen. There is a small window of opportunity before the model will inevitably lose interest.

Everly is a sweet, vivacious three-year-old and she was a good sport. The photos above show the moment I knew the photo shoot was about to end. The one tip I would give when taking pictures of young kids is to just be patient.

If you have picture you are trying to create with a young model, the window of opportunity comes just after they get comfortable with you taking their picture. Don’t miss it.

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