The Darkroom

Waiting for the verdict in the Gun Trace Task Force trial

The Baltimore Sun

When the trial of Baltimore police Detectives Daniel T. Hersl, 48, and Marcus R. Taylor, 31, was coming to a close last Thursday, we knew we would want to send two visual journalists to the Edward A. Garmatz Courthouse in downtown Baltimore to shoot video and photographs of reaction after a verdict was reached.

So we assigned Karl Merton Ferron and Kevin Richardson to stay at the courthouse until a verdict was reached. For the bulk of Friday, and then again on Monday, they awaited the jury’s decision.

Richardson spent some of that time in the courtroom, monitoring jury questions and progress. Having produced courtroom sketches of early trial proceedings for The Baltimore Sun, he was familiar with U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake’s courtroom.

Meanwhile, Ferron stayed outside, keeping himself busy shooting images of the street scenes. His unique photographic skills made for some wonderful images.

As afternoon turned to early evening on Monday, it looked as though we might be waiting another day. In fact, Ferron had to leave the courthouse to pick up his daughter. But hearing that a verdict was about to be read, Ferron returned to the courthouse to join Richardson in documenting the results.

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