There's no comparison between Alan Walden and the city's last Republican mayor

Theodore McKeldin recognized the importance of civil rights; Walden does not.

I doubt I am the only reader of your paper who found it interesting to see Alan Walden running for mayor with his four score years and right-wing views.

My problem with Mr. Walden is his implicit invocation of Baltimore's last GOP mayor, Theodore McKeldin, a Republican who understood the importance of civil rights.

As a semi-retired attorney who once advertised on WBAL, I am sad to say that the call letters that once stood for Baltimore now stand for "bash all liberals."

In the 1990s it stood for the balance represented by my uncle, Alan Prell, and conservative views were well articulated by the late Ron Smith.

The fact that Mr. Walden does not understand that the term illegal alien is offensive to thinking people is a metaphor for why the GOP has alienated thinking people.

Denny Olver

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