Where are the specifics of the Obama-Biden plan?

Regarding your recent editorial on the vice-presidential debate, I cannot understand why you fault former governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan for being vague on issues such as taxes, entitlements and foreign policy while praising the Obama campaign's clarity on those topics ("Biden connects," Oct. 13). What clarity?

What is the Obama-Biden plan for dealing with the growing national debt? Under President Obama, the debt has been growing more than a trillion dollars a year, and neither he nor Vice President Joe Biden has proposed a way to get it under control.

Just taxing high earners more would hardly begin to fill the gap between tax revenues and government spending, and it could severely affect employment. There is every reason to believe that our debt will exceed $20 trillion by the end of a second Obama term. Interest on this massive debt is devouring more and more of our budget every year, and it will soon be unsustainable.

How are Messrs. Obama and Biden suggesting we address Medicare and Social Security? They are quick to attack Mr. Romney and Congressman Ryan for their proposed solutions, but the Obama approach is to do nothing. Both programs are fiscally unsustainable. Medicare will fail first, and Social Security will follow. What sort of leadership is that?

As for foreign policy, what is the president's plan for dealing with Iran and the growing turmoil in other Islamic nations? Mr. Romney is not very clear about what he would do regarding these threats to our national security, but neither is Mr. Obama. Thus far, the president has been weak and vacillating.

Perhaps Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan don't offer the specificity you want, but at least they address the problems. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden offer us nothing.

Edwin S. Jordan, Ellicott City

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