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Veterans aren't getting undue benefits

The public has an distorted image of military veterans benefits

Reader Mary Ament Streb's recent letter about retired veterans' benefits was insulting to vets ("Vets get benefits already," Feb. 20).

Teachers have benefits too, including summers off, union protection for their jobs, and health care and retirement benefits.

Retired vets have put in 20 to 30 years service. Many have been through two or three wars and have major disabilities.

They've had to leave spouses and children on short notice for overseas tours and worry whether their families will have a decent home while they are away at war. Military life is very difficult for families.

Most of the vets who settle in Maryland do so because this was their last duty station. So these vets are paying high taxes to a state they lived in a relatively short time. Most veterans must start a second career after leaving the service.

As far as the wonderful commissary Ms. Streb cites, most of the items there can be bought for less at our local food market.

Moreover, though retired veterans were told that their benefits would be for life, most of them are being slowly peeled away, including the commissary.

Maybe our veterans should have been teachers. Our government thinks we can live with a limited military, but it will be a different story the next time something happens in the world and they are needed.

Joyce Cillo, Bel Air

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