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Is Md. doing enough for retired vets?

What is it about the possibility of a tax break for vets that has people so upset?

I would like to respond to reader Mary Ament Streb's comment on tax breaks for Maryland veterans, but first I wish to say that although I am a Vietnam vet with more than seven years service, I am not a retired vet and any move by the state to spare retired vets from taxes has no financial benefit for me ("Vets get benefits already," Feb. 20).

Ms. Streb stated that she retired from teaching after 15 years and would like to find a commissary to shop at. I am sure that every vet with 15 years of service would like to shop in a commissary too. The only problem is that to be a retired vet you have to serve 20 years.

Secondly, what is it about the possibility of a tax break for vets that has people so upset? These men and women have given 20 years of service to this country, and during that time they have moved from station to station every few years. They do not get the luxury of deciding where to live, they live where they are assigned. Most are not homeowners due to rotating assignments and must wait until retirement to settle into a home.

Vets live in an environment where they often are sent to places where their lives are in danger, sometimes for months at a time. They give of themselves for the safety of others, while all Ms. Streb seems to worry about is the few dollars she could save shopping in a commissary.

I suggest Ms. Streb meet and talk with some retired vets, or better yet, pay a visit to some of the young men and women in veterans hospitals. After that she should ask herself whether this country is doing all it can for them.

Bob Eberwein

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