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Hold Clinton and Trump to the same standard

Where's the moral outrage over Hillary Clinton's lies?

I can not begin to communicate how disappointed I am in the Sun's coverage of the two huge political events of this past Friday. In Sunday's paper there was a half-page article on Donald Trump's adolescent sex bantering with Billy Bush, but I looked and looked for any coverage of Hillary Clinton's two-faced presentation — one public, the other private — of who she is and what she stands for.

What a double standard. Mr. Trump is unfit to be president because he is unlike former presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, who actually did the kind of things Mr. Trump merely talks about doing.

Mr. Kennedy's daily swims with his latest female conquest and Mr. Clinton's sexual abuse of a White House intern get no rise from The Sun, nor do Ms. Clinton's verbal attacks on these women. Where's the moral outrage?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want Mr. Trump as our president. I wish he would resign and let his vice presidential running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, take his place.

But I also want the media to not become political hacks. If it is their judgment that Mr. Trump is unfit for office, they should also be honest in their coverage of Ms. Clinton's continuous lies. To lie to the American people and play them like a violin is as serious a moral flaw as having the sexual morals of a society where pornography is fine, but saying God's name in school is not.

If your moral outrage were real, we would see more articles on the immature sexual standards of our society. Yet we do not. Your behavior makes me wonder If you are really a news organization or merely a propaganda organ.

Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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