Patent office goes too far with Redskins decision [Letter]

What's going on here? First it's the Internal Revenue Service harassing and intimidating minority political organizations. And now it's the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trying to act as judge and jury regarding the ongoing debate over the use of the Washington Redskins team name ("Washington's offensive line," June 20).

This is apparently the brave new world of American democracy. Special interest groups now look to resolve any issue in their favor by raising a strident clamor and then look forward expectantly as a federal bureaucracy, obscure or not, resolves everything in their favor.

Last I heard, over 80 percent of Americans think that the Redskins name debate is the dumbest thing ever. They know the name is not really offensive. The special interest propagandists aren't the least put off by this. They regard popular opinion, not to say representative democracy, as an uninteresting sideshow, not even an impediment to their plan to inflict their will on all the rest of us.

You will never reform the special interest propagandists if for no other reason than that their methods have proved so successful. And the present administration in Washington will never reform the bureaucracies. So we will probably have to wait 2½ years and hope for new, insightful leadership that will replace the federal agencies' present leaders with real people who understand what their missions really are.

In the meantime, hauling the patent office's leadership before a congressional committee would prove instructive. You can only be sure that the miscreants' email and computer records will be long gone before they come to testify.

Jack Wickham, Glen Arm

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