Texas miracle is another Lone Star tall tale

The so-called "Texas Miracle" of job creation touted by conservative political consultant Brendan Madigan in The Sun ("A Texas solution for Maryland jobs," June 23) is a perfect example of biased reporting. The truth is the Texas unemployment rate went from 7.7 percent to 8 percent over the past decade, the same decade that the total number of jobs in Texas increased.

Why did the number of jobs in Texas increase? It certainly was not from any change in government philosophy. This is Bush country after all. The reason Texas saw an increase in the total number of jobs is that its population grew by 20 percent. So a big state gains huge numbers of people, and this surge of immigrants created more demand for services and more jobs.

But Texas ranks only 24th among the states in unemployment rate. So Mr. Madigan would have Maryland emulate the right-wing policies of Texas so that Maryland could move from 6.8 percent unemployment to the "Texas Miracle" rate of 8 percent unemployed? No thanks, let the Texans and their governor pray for rain and more jobs, we will not take up the Texas ways here in Maryland.

Roger Fitzgerald, Hampstead

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