Let teachers teach, not test

What's wrong with standardized testing? It's like the farmer constantly weighing his pigs instead of feeding t

In the recent commentary by Betty Weller and Elizabeth Ysla Leight ("Less testing, more learning," Sept. 1), the authors observe that "students spend an excessive amount of time taking and preparing for standardized tests." In fact, they relate in Carroll County "tests were scheduled for all but nine days between the time when kids get back from winter break and the end of the school." What are school officials thinking?

Maybe this idea is old fashioned, but kids learn from their teacher and not by taking a continuum of tests. The current situation makes about as much sense as a pig farmer spending the bulk of his time weighing his pig in hopes that it gets fatter rather than feeding it. Teachers help the student to analyze, synthesize and apply learned material like no continual testing process can.

And while I am at it, I have a really good question for the PARCC assessment people. It's really very simple. Do you remember a favorite teacher who made learning easy and fun or do you remember your favorite test?

Jim Mundy, Ellicott City

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