Let's provide opt-out on PARCC

If felons can now vote while on parole in Maryland, why can't parents pull their kids out of PARCC?

The term, "limousine liberal" was coined in the early 1970s to underscore the hypocrisy of families like the Kennedys who sent their children to private schools of their choosing while the school of choice for ordinary Americans was left to the state and a quota system.

I find it telling that the same Democrat who introduced a bill to give people convicted of minor crimes a second chance by shielding their convictions from potential employers voted against allowing parents in Maryland to exempt their children from potentially psychologically harmful PARCC testing ("The trouble with PARCC," April 6).

I refer to Sen. Jamie Raskin of Montgomery County. It would be nice if Senator Raskin would give the law-abiding the same consideration as felons.

Edward C. Davenport, Drum Point

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